Between, Inside, Outside (Entre, Dentro, Fuera): Stephanie Syjuco, Pedro Lasch, Agnes Chavez, and more

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As part of the 12th Havana Biennial, “Between, Inside, Outside (Entre, Dentro, Fuera) is proudly exhibiting from 23 May to 22 June 2015. The exhibit seeks to eliminate the formal and methodological relationship amongst the artist, works, and audience creating a “meta-objective” process in appreciating the works. Furthermore, the exhibition tries to mend the broken ties between Cuba and the United States and chooses transnational artists who have shown similar themes in their artworks.

Featured artists are: Stephanie Syjuco, Agnes Chavez, Pedro Lasch, Casey Neithtah, Elizabeth Stevenson, Levente Sulyok, Susana Delahante Matienzo, Omar Estrada, Adnois Ferro, Denis Peralta and Maysabel Pintado, Glenda Salazar, Levi Orta, Guillermo Ramirez Malberti, and Harold Vazquez.