Cyborg Scallops : Pow Martinez

“Cyborg Scallops” at SLAB Gallery is an escalation of Pow Martinez’ vision of the apocalypse rendered with hellish pop expressionism. The series features mutant figurations and monster mash- ups strewn allover barren landscapes of irradiated hues that paint the end of the world with sarcastic wit and gallows humor. Martinez runs counter to the local tradition and practice of rote rendering of religious figures and scenes, first by employing heavy viscous paint laid expressively on the surface that creates the work’s powerful verve; and second, by populating his paintings with mostly deformities of a monstrous, extraterrestrial, and demonic kind. Martinez revels in all this absurdity, and with a heretic’s attitude attacks the towers of taste and conventional value.
Pow Martinez’s Cyborg Scallops opens on March 15, 2012 at Silverlens SLab, simultaneously with Jake Verzosa’s Harbinger at Silverlens Gallery and Maria Taniguchi’s Untitled (Celestial Motors) in Silverlens 20SQUARE. All shows run until April 14, 2012.