A Film Retrospective: John Torres

A Film Retrospective: John Torres

John Torres’ “A Film Retrospective” is screening from August 6 to 7, 2015 at Benilde Cinema, School of Design & Arts. The film screening is a part of the “Curating-in-Depth 2: Curatorial Mapping, Symposium, Discussions in Manila,” which brings together curators and art professionals from Croatia, Slovenia, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines, and tackles the contemporary art practices in critical non-linear art histories and alternative organizational infrastructures. The schedule of the screening is as follows:

John Torres has began creating his own films ever since he graduated from college and has been described as poetic in his creation of films. He had won international recognition and awards such as the Dragon and Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2006 and the NETPAC Award at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2006.

Film Screening Day 1
6 August Thursday
Benilde SDA Cinema

13.00 Short Films Program
Tawidgutom (2004)
Salat (2004)
Hai, They Recycle Heartbreaks in Tokyo So Nothing’s Wasted (2009)
Very Specific Things At Night (2009)
We Don’t Care For Democracy, This Is What We Want: Love And Hope And Its Many Faces (2010)
Silent Film (2011)
Muse (2011)
Mapang-Akit (2011)
15.00 Todo Todo Teros (2008)
17.00 Years When I Was A Child Outside (2008)

Film Screening Day 2
7 August Friday

13.00 Refrains Happen Like A Revolution In A Song (2011)
15.00 Lukas The Strange (2013)
17-18.00 Talk/Conversation with John Torres and Merv Espina.