Mystery Terrain : Shireen Martinez Seno

Shireen Martinez Seno has been working in film and photography across the places she has been based in. Having grown up in Japan, the United States and the Philippines, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in architectural studies and cinema studies and has accumulated a body of works infused with a gaze toward ephemerality and the poetry that lingers in unstaged, commonplace circumstances.
Mystery Terrain is Shireen Seno's first solo exhibition, featuring photographs shot on black and white film and a lone video piece, revealing a focus and imagination towards our experience of place, and an urge to move beyond its diaristic surface. She presents a two-fold selection of still and moving images and the abstraction she forges in black and white. Through these processes, she explores her own experience of and curiosity with placelessness. Her images reflect a sense of wonder and freshness that are at once unsettled and at home. Mystery Terrain is Seno's next project after culminating a series of screenings of "Big Boy", her first feature-length film produced by Peliculas Los Otros and Cinema One Originals.
This is the last program of "SPROUT", four-part project of that explores the limits of different cultural infrastructures by curating exhibition programs that examine continuous social and artistic dialogue.