Generating an archive of republished critical, historical and exhibition texts by artists and writers in and about contemporary art in the Philippine Diaspora and Southeast Asia.

Planting Rice is a curatorial collaboration of Lian Ladia and Sidd Perez. This platform is aimed at fostering the rise of cross-pollination among artistic communities and has been in existence since 2011. Planting Rice’s major component is a web-based platform that generates and circulates an archive of open source republished texts that highlight scholarship on art history and criticism that is at the risk of being inaccessible. The team’s curatorial practice extends off-site and their projects include repotentializing spaces, rehistoricizing narratives of art, and expanding the roles, forms and gestures of curatorial practice.



Art, text, exhibition histories and criticism

September 1, 2023

Realities of Contemporary Art and the New Media in the Indonesian Market

Wardani, Farah. "Realities of Contemporary…
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July 1, 2023

Rhizoming: Producing curatorial projects in Southeast Asian Cities

Yraola, Dayang. "Rhizoming: Producing Curatorial…
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Disclaimer: These texts are shared as a nonprofit resource under the premise of fair use for transformative educational research. It aims to delve outside of the canon of western art history, as well as highlight and circulate scholarship and art criticism that is at the risk  of being inaccessible.  This gesture of sharing these texts inadvertently aims to widen the lense of what is deemed as canonized art history that is exclusive to schoalrs with institutional alignments in the western hemisphere.  Should there be any concerns with regards to the publication, access provided and other matters relating to these archives, please contact us at so we can address the matter accordingly.