Apply Now! Artist residency in Saigon!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2023
Tuesday, February 11, 2024

Apply now! San Art in Saigon Vietnam is opening up their artist in residency program to artists from Southeast Asia! Deadline February 11, 2014!

Sàn Art Laboratory, Vietnam’s first studio/ residency program, has been many things to its participating artists since May 2012. An initial new ground for diverse artistic interaction and creative exchange. A space for exploration of ideas and issues, forms and formats, questions and counter-questions.

What remains central to the program is its commitment to artistic experimentation, open discussion, personal development and network building. Sàn Art Laboratory: Session 5, for the first time, will be open to visual artists from South East Asia!

Successful participants will not only benefit from the program’s unique inclusion of ‘Talking Partners’, artist’s talks and open studio but also from an even more comprehensive and structured framework of arts education and dialogue under the ‘Conscious Realities’ initiative.

3 artists, under 35 years old, will be chosen for Session 5 to take place from 6 June to 14 November 2014.

The chosen participants would become full-time residents of ‘San Art Laboratory’, provided with accommodation, studio, production funds of USD1000 and a small living allowance. The residency period would be concluded with a group exhibition and an artist’s talk.

For more information on the program, its application criteria and the required documents, please visit this link:

or contact Ms. Asari: