Artists’ Talk: Buen Calubayan and Tito & Tita

The Lopez Museum and Library invites you to join a discussion with the contemporary artist Buen Calubayan and the art collective Tito & Tita on 11 October 2023 as they talk about their featured pieces in the museum’s current exhibition, “Articles of Disagreement.”
Through the use of documentation, installation, research, and performance, Buen Calubayan makes use of his art to understand life pointing out that the whole process of life is itself a piece of art especially when placed in the context of a larger community. He has had experience both as an artist and a curator being shortlisted in the Ateneo Art Awads this year and last year, and being employed at the National Museum and University of Santo Tomas Museum for several years.
Tito & Tita is a collective of young artists who are based in manila and have earned international and local acknowledgements both individually and as a group. Their main aim is to redefine independent cinema and photography in Manila via an enthralling transformation of images and to disarm practicality, amidst all the symbolism, surrealism, and a variation of experimental techniques.

10/11/2023 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm