Avant-garde magazine Bidoun is looking for Filipino Contemporary artists/writers

Avant-garde art and culture magazine Bidoun is searching for contributing artists, writers, photographers for Issue #27 on diaspora. Creative director and artist, Babak Radboy shares, "Bidoun #27 is on the theme DIASPORA, and we would be remiss to not include probably the most important, telling and timely diaspora story there is — the dispersion of people from the Philippines to each and every corner of the world. We want to collaborate with an artist, writer and/or photographer in the Philippines to find a point of entry into this story. Whether it be visual or textual. My instinct is to focus on employment agencies and have the middle east factor into it through the story of export labor."
For more info on how to contribute please contact Babak at babakradboy@gmail.com
To know more about Bidoun, check out their website and projects at http://www.bidoun.org/