Curiosities : Geraldine Javier



In Curiosities, Geraldine Javier explores the idea and process of collecting as a form of a human-object relationship. It focuses on the ties a collector creates with artifacts, relics and artworks Javier as an artist has collected, a condition that blurs the boundaries between collecting and art production. This relation is further illustrated in the juxtaposition of Madame A’s collection and Jorge Vargas’s memorabilia in the Museum. Their collections are representations of themselves as these objects play out as bearer of agency as construed by the artist.

Collecting in museums has always been about recalling memories and interpreting the past through the re-contextualization of objects.  The pieces in Javier’s works do not merely function as evidence of the past but also as materials that convey the future. The exhibition does not reminisce a bygone time; instead it creates a transformative storytelling in which the cabinets of curiosities, framed items, and dioramas all serve as cues and references for the viewers’ own narratives. 

The exhibition runs until 15 March 2013.

02/13/2013 - 2:30pm to 02/15/2013 - 5:00pm