Digital Tagalog : Lani Maestro and Poklong Anading

Digital Tagalog is the first collaboration between Lani Maestro and Poklong Anading. Their installation at MO_space sets the stage for a communal composition generated from both recorded sounds and the live sounds that inhabit the space. Meant to be experienced rather than seen; the worksubverts the nature of the gallery, normally meant for viewing, by allowing people to become chance participants in the process of creation.
Seeking multiple possibilities over a singular definition, the work proposes an aesthetic experience rather than an aesthetic resolution. Highly contingent to its environment and the people participating in it, the work could allow for a dissolution of roles and dictates of space, opening itself to a myriad of subjective entanglements. But what is clearly resonant and familiar is a primordial desire to connect, feel each other’s presence, and to be part of a present situation. While this kind of connectivity is also put into question in the age of too much communication, the work re-asserts the immediacy of shared experience and everyday life.

Digital Tagalog is presented by MO_space and acknowledges the support of the the Canada Council for the Arts and the French Embassy in Manila. MO_space and the artists would also like to thank Liteware Technologies, David Ong, Patrick and Yolanda Johnson, Jeremy Guiab, Enteng Viray, Meggie Ong, Ramon Santos, Dayang Yraola, Grace Buenaventura, Roan Opiso, David Guadalupe, and the Jose Maceda Archives at the University of the Philippines College of Music for their generous assistance. Digital Tagalog will open at 6pm on June 30 and will be on view until July 29, 2012. MO_space is located on the 3rd Fl, MOS Design Building, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The gallery is open daily, from 11am to 8pm. For inquiries, please call 856.2748 loc. 2 or visit