Yason Banal: Post Exhibition episode #8, Hotspot Afterglow

Post Gallery plays host as a physical location for an exhibition and shoot as well as a hub for offline links #ABSTRACT PAINTING THAT MOONLIGHTS AS CHROMA SCREEN, REALITY TV TRANSCRIPT, ALUMINUM PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEO PROJECTIONS, TARPAULIN CHAPBOOK, HYPERLINK ESSAY, JOHN LLOYD CRUZ REHEARSAL, CATCHUPS, CONVERSATIONS, CRAWLS, CLASSES, SCREENINGS, GIGS, DATES, UPLOADS, EDITS – all these as playful project to re-engage the gallery as a space for various intimate engagements and small scenarios that don’t necessarily proffer purely art-related transactions, aiming to transcend the conventions of an exhibition as a mere presentation of objects for sale. These array of works and activities initiate as well dialogue about exhibition-making, between display and refraction, abstraction and document, market forces and critical traces.

Yason Banal’s art practice takes on conceptual strategies employing a variety of medium and format in inducing engagement and dialogue with various systems including the art scene, mixing myth, document, art history in triggering meaning and subtext beneath these multiple layers.